Protection of product appearance

3D trademarks

Infringers are increasingly producing lookalikes that copy the aesthetic design (shape and appearance) of products rather than word marks and logos.

IP Whiz has pioneered the protection of distinctive product appearance through creating, registering and enforcing 3D trademarks in both the Middle East and China.

After registering our first 3D trademark in 2013 for a jewellery design, we succeeded in clearing the UAE market of huge quantities of lookalikes. Since then we have registered over 70 3D trademarks protecting distinctive designs of jewellery, watches, bags, shoes, pens, sunglasses, fashion accessories and perfume bottles.


Where 3D trademark protection is not available, we explore using copyright.

In Saudi Arabia, after proving the 'date of first publication' for certain designs, we have been able to initiate actions by the Copyright Administration.